Finnegan Begin Again

Now that my room is finally in order, I have had time to set up the treadmill again which had been laying dormant and in pieces ever since we moved.  I guess this was a prime example of procrastination since the move was about 3 or 4 months ago.  Anyway with nice weather back again and sunlight in the sky when I get home, I think I’m ready to resume my running regimen.  I wanted to run over the winter but the loss of sunlight and lack of a treadmill ruined my progress.  I eventually bought one, but all the moving prevented a set treadmill routine.  So now I begin again from scratch to hopefully compete in a race or two this year.  Last year, I ran two races and in both I finished in the top 10 and first in my age group.  It wasn’t easy to get there.  When I train I like to kick my own butt.  This means I will end up pushing myself until I puke on several occasions through the months.  I do it because I like to compete and don’t like to lose.

DDA likes to compete too in the world of websites.  We end up pushing ourselves until we get hungry or get a headache.  Lunch fixes one and sometimes both of these ailments.  Our graphic designers go until their clicking fingers lock up and then go for more.  Our programmers go until they’ve developed severe migraines, then medicate and continue on.  Our videographers edit until they have the entire video’s dialogue and background music stuck in their head and they’ll keep editing until they hear it in their sleep.  So why do we all do it? We do it because we like to compete, we like to be the best, and well… because we all get paid.