Fireworks Display

Yesterday we went to see the fireworks display that had been postponed from last weekend’s Perkasie Community Day. It was certainly a lower turnout than past years, probably due to the postponement, but that had its benefits. Parking was a breeze. I parked somewhat far away initially, expecting it to be more packed up ahead, but when we got out and walked up a bit further we saw that there were a surprising amount of places to park closer up. So I ran back and moved the car a lot closer. The lawn had a lot more room than usual as well. Instead of searching and weaving through a sea of people to find anywhere to sit, we were able to get a pretty good spot up close to the action. The show was a good one and they added some new tricks. They had their two launch locations both going in full force for a span of time for the first time ever. This really filled the sky more than ever before so that it was almost hard to see everything all at once. That was really cool. On the down side, the mosquitoes and other annoying bugs seemed to be out in full force and had me slapping myself silly. I think I may have lost a bit of my hearing as well with those loud fireworks, but oh well.

DDA is always adding new tricks as well. As our staff learns more, we are able to do more. So if you keep coming back to us year after year we will be able to show you some new tricks and possibly integrate them into your next project if applicable. Just look through the past works of our company and find a website that was made in the 90s. Odds are that it will look incredibly simple and dated. That’s because it is all dated. Today’s elementary school student could make that stuff. Even our own original website falls victim to this. Over time as we learned more and technology advanced, we were able to make more sophisticated websites that impress anyone.

Our custom web design ensures that you will get the look you want and our advanced programming allows us to achieve any action that needs to take place. Throw in some fancy streaming video of a 3D animation, or flash animation, or some digital photography beauty shots and you can have quite an impressive final website. Call us today to get yours.