Flash and Coldfusion

The YBML project has made its use of Flash components to spice up the design and function. Since this site is completely database driven, that means more Flash and Coldfusion working together. It does make things more tricky, but it seems to all be doable so far.

One problem faced, was the code on the Coldfusion that Flash calls, needed the URL variable that was sent to do its queries. This was solved by using Javascript to grab the variable in the main HTML with location.search, then sending the variable through to Flash when it is created, and then a Flash has to send the variable to its Coldfusion page when it calls that. Instead of about 6 characters of Coldfusion code, it has to become a large chain reaction of code set off in numerous mediums. Not easy by any means, but it has to be done this way.

Another problem faced when combining Coldfusion and Flash, is that the normal Coldfusion error messages can’t be seen. All you will see is that the Flash output isn’t correct. It will most likely just output undefined. The Coldfusion error messages are very detailed and can direct you to the exact line and tell you the precise problem to fix, but now with the Flash front you just have to figure it out for yourself. As things get more complicated, this could prove to be more and more of a headache when an error occurs.

Another general headache, is passing the Coldfusion data to Flash. You have to assign everything to a variable and pass them all in individually. If you have a lot of details that you are sending over, then you might want to limber up your fingers for the large amount of mindless typing you will have to do to assign in Coldfusion, send, and reassign in Flash all the variables you need.

Other than these general issues, it all seems to be working so far as planned. The base application is working and I now just need to add all the other fancier functions to it.