Flash CD-ROM

I am working on a CD-ROM in Flash and it is looking pretty awesome. Our handy video department has filmed and edited clips for me to use that have a host leading a guided tour of the CD-ROM’s menus and functionality. Using a green screen and their handy video editing skills, the video department has made the addition of the video to the Flash a seamless process. Fades on the Flash video are built in on the beginning and end, but I made it so that video and audio fades out whenever the stop button is pressed using Actionscript 2. It looks very professional and I’m am very pleased so far. I also got to use Flash animation to highlight the sections that are being referred to in the video scripts. By adding cue points with Actionscript, I have the highlights appear and flash over referred to sections at set times. It makes it really easy to understand and navigate for the users.