Flash Gordon

At the movie marathon this past weekend, we watched the movie Flash Gordon. I’d have to check IMDB to tell you what year it was made, but I do know that it wasn’t anytime lately. Now since this movie was shown at 5 a.m., which would be roughly 17 hours into our 24-hour marathon, and I was struggling to keep my eyes open and also struggling to know what was real or fake. But at the end of the marathon, the viewer voting revealed that Flash Gordon was one of the fan favorites. Flash Gordon featured a look into space with futuristic costumes and technology, along with heroic deeds that was enjoyable in that special movie-marathon way for everyone watching.

If Flash Gordon was alive today, he would be a Flash programmer. Sure, in the movie he was a quarterback for the New York Jets, but let’s be serious. He most likely wouldn’t be able to keep up with the monsters we call football players these days and would have to branch out to other types of occupations.

Flash Gordon would have quality 2D animations done in a Flash. He would have the files streaming web video without any lagging or crackle. His superior Flash programming skills in Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 would be extremely clean and efficient. Everyone would flock to Flash Gordon for their digital animation needs. It’s either that or Flash Gordon wouldn’t know what in the world he was doing and probably end up in the arena football league with the other NFL rejects. Oh well, we will never know, but if you really need experts in Flash animation and programming you’ll have to go to the real current day experts at Dynamic Digital Advertising.

“Flash! Ah Aaaaah! He’ll save every one of us!”