Flash Screen Saver

I had always wanted to and wondered how to make a screen saver for my computer. Now I know how to do it and thanks to today’s technology I realize that I have actually known how to do it for almost 2 years now. That’s because you can make a screen saver using Adobe’s Flash’s swf files.

You can basically do whatever you would normally be able to make Flash do, except now you can have it fill up your whole screen. So all of you Flash animators out there, get ready to start creating. You can use outside images, other swf’s, xml files, text files, and you can even interact with a database, though you would need to check for an Internet connection first. Even interactivity is still possible, since with screen savers  it doesn’t have to close when you move the mouse. You can set it to close when the mouse is moved, or when a button is clicked, or when a key is pressed, or all of the above. So don’t hold back.

After you make the initial Flash file using all the 2D animation and flash programming skills you have, you will still need to convert it into a screen saver and optimally create an installer for it so that others can use it as well. There is free shareware out there and programs you can buy to get this done, but not all are created equal. Certain shareware programs will be fine for personal use, but not for companies since the complete customization would not be possible. Many that do cost money still lack features that others have. I would recommend downloading free trials and seeing if the product will do everything you need it to do first. Features like customizing the icon, the settings menu, the installation appearance, the graphics, and more all vary from program to program so pay attention.

Now that I know it is so easy to turn Flash into a screen saver and know that I can do it for free, I am bound to make some fun things for friends in the near future.