Folk Fest

Starting tonight and going until Sunday, I will be escaping from this world of technology. No computers, no tv, no… showers? Yes, it’s true. I will be camping at the Philadelphia Folk Festival and releasing the inner dirty hippie in me. Out in the elements, rain or shine, I will get to relax and listen to tons of music sprouting from every corner. I’ll lay in the grass and enjoy the stress-free environment.

It is a much different lifestyle for this one weekend, but it’s a very welcome one. I’ll be in a place where the Internet doesn’t matter and you have to walk to the community water spout to get a drink. Now, I will feel dirty by Sunday and going home to a nice hot shower is great, and I’ll appreciate the conveniences of my current life. But onward I shall go with beer in hand to sing around a campfire in the dark of night with complete strangers.