The dreary weather seems to have returned with the work week for the past two days as if no beautiful weekend ever happened. It’s somewhat fitting I suppose. Weather can do that though. Day to day things can change drastically, or they could stay the same. Our weather forecasters can make educated guesses on weather, but they can still be off a little sometimes. People’s everyday lives can change day to day too and you can’t do a forecast on them. One morning you could wake up and have a great day, while the next day you could wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel miserable.

A day at work can be the same way. One day everything could go well and you could zoom through your work on a 2D animation, while the next you may be knee deep in a mind bending advanced programming project with a headache. Everyone knows this and every type of job has better days than others. DDA workers have a large variety of tasks that they might have to do on any given day so the variety can limit the boredom with repetition that many workers face. I don’t know how workers on factory lines don’t go out of their minds repeating certain tasks over and over day in and day out. Today I continue with flash animation, but what will tomorrow bring?