Form of a Form

Forms are something that most sites need and use whether it be for a simple contact request, a request for a quote, or a request for more information or a catalog. Forms can be used for many things and in 99 percent of the cases each form will be different. That is why every form needs to be made with custom programming.

Other various aspects can change the form as well to customize it.  Each website has its own design so why shouldn’t the form match the design. We have our graphic designers custom design the forms that we add onto pages so they keep the same style. This design may be something as simple as matching a font or changing the background color, to changing the color of the input boxes.

Programmers also have their own optional bag of tricks that can be added to a form.  There are fancy options like pop-up calendars for choosing dates and the option to use a drop-down box for choosing a state rather than typing it in. There’s also the ability to prevent spam submissions by adding captcha to the form. I’m sure you’ve seen it before even though you might not know what it’s called. It comes in many forms, but the one you are probably most familiar with would be the colorful strange box of letters where you have to type in the box below it what the letters and/or numbers are. The other type I have heard of is answering a simple math problem from a picture. You see, programs can’t read pictures, so they have no shot at getting a math problem correct or correctly entering what the characters on a picture are. Well it works, and it is an option to add to your form. If your not sure if you need it, you can easily wait to add it until you see if you are going to get a lot of spam.

There are many customization options for forms. So whatever it is you need and want, we can do it.