Free Fall

One of my brothers and my mom went skydiving this weekend. They went up and jumped from a tiny plane at the local airport without incident. This was a perfect birthday present for my brother because if he ever gets on top of a gigantic cliff or a huge building, he will inevitably jump right off to get that free-fall experience in a virtual way. Without any fearful dramatics or anything, my brother and mom both jumped out and were free-falling for what they said was about a minute. Then the parachutes popped open and they jerked to a slower speed and began their safe descent. The parachuting apparently was the most stomach churning part they said.

While they had no weird stomach sensations from free-falling, the dropping and turning associated with the parachutes had completely nauseated the both of them. They landed and continued to try to fight off that vomiting sensation. My brother was eventually successful, but my mom’s battle got worse during the car ride home. The second the car pulled into the driveway and she opened the door she upchucked. Gross. My brother really enjoyed it still and wants to do it again. He even wants to do it alone next time, which would mean that he’d have to take the 4-5 hour training course. He’s even been tossing around possibly becoming a skydiving instructor himself as a job. He is almost done college, but isn’t really enjoying the internship he’s been working at this summer. So maybe this is his ticket out of the corporate doldrums. They say to do what you love and he seems to have loved this, but it may be a bit early to jump right into career talk. As they say, time will tell.

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