Free Movies!

I have friends in Philadelphia who seem to be going to free movie screenings all the time because they are members of some movie group. That’s because they really are, well at least once a week they are and that is a lot of free movies to see. They don’t really get to pick what they want to see, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s free and they like movies a lot. Lately I’ve heard that there has been a string of disappointment with the movies that they’ve been seeing, but it doesn’t stop anyone from going back. Tonight, I might finally get to go to my first free screening. Since they are usually on Wednesdays and I’m also usually not in Philadelphia, I haven’t had the chance to go with them yet. Tonight happens to be the first night that all factors seem to work out and I will get to see a free movie. Hooray!

The movie happens to be one that I probably would have gone to see anyway. It’s the new Chronicles of Narnia movie (I forget this specific installment’s title). So as long as I can find parking without paying an arm and a leg, this should be a nice free (or cheap) movie night. I believe they do these screeners to get people to start spreading good reviews by word of mouth before the actual opening to stir interest in the general public. From what I hear, they also have reserved seats for known movie critics to watch from. They just give those people free entry and send them on their way to spread the word. It’s an interesting marketing strategy, but I guess it’s also time tested and works. Well it works as long as people enjoy the movie, or else it might have the reverse effect. If the studio thinks the movie ended up being horrible, they generally don’t even do a screener so that the bad reviews don’t spread before the opening.

DDA’s work doesn’t really have any equivalent to a free screening since there is no payment needed to look at print design or websites in general. The only thing similar that I can think of is the approval process. Clients get to look at any graphic design, video production, animation, digital photography, and copywriting efforts before anything is finalized or printed. That way if they don’t like the way anything looks, then they are still in luck and can get us to change it. Then any other feedback or suggestions that they want incorporated into it can be implemented before another try at approval is had. This way we know that unlike the free screened movies, the clients will definitely like the final product that they are seeing. Also, unlike the free screened movies though, these top notch custom services aren’t going to be free.