Fresh Carpet, Fresh Layout

We finally got the downstairs carpet replaced after the flood incident from a bit ago. It looks very nice and certainly smells fresh and new down there. It’s a weird sensation walking down there without shoes on again since I’ve been forced to wear shoes for a while. This is because ever since the last carpet was torn up and disposed of, there have been pointy rusty staples sticking up from the hard floor underneath that could easily put holes in my feet. It’s more of a habit now to put on shoes as I get out of bed so now I have to consciously tell myself not to put on shoes. Luckily, I think this is one of those habits that won’t be too hard to break, because a nice carpet under my feet feels so good. Also, since I had to clear my room of everything for installation, I took it as an opportunity to rearrange my furniture layout. So far, so good. It seems a lot more spacious in this new setup and has made the room look a lot bigger. It has opened up more areas that were kind of cut off and wasted by my old setup.

Figuring out how to set up my room isn’t all that different from setting up a website design. Our graphic designers do this every day to figure out what layout will work best for a certain website. Depending on the elements on the page, how much content, the menu system, and many other factors, they can design a website to the optimum settings to increase usability and use the space in the best possible way. There are also the actual color schemes and design decisions in addition to the layout to figure out. There is more to contemplate than meets the eye. When the designer is done, the other staff members add in the custom programming, written content, and optimization to cap it off and make it work in all it’s glory.

Maybe I should have consulted a designer my first time around on how to arrange the room because I am now seeing how inefficient that setup was. I wonder if they would have come up with what I am doing now or something completely different.