From Fantasy to Fruition

Football has started and so has one of my favorite accompanying activities, fantasy football. I have been playing fantasy football with a group of my friends since fantasy football started and it has always been a good time drafting and smack-talking throughout the season. This 20th century invention couldn’t have happened without the Internet here for us to use and easily transfer information. It has actually increased my enjoyment of football in general. Instead of just watching the Eagles game, I now want to watch most games just to see how my players do and to see if any new people might be of worth. I spend way too much time reviewing players’ stats online in hopes of finding the gem that keeps me on top of the leader board. So far this season has started off well for me, but there is plenty of time left to go.

Fantasy football has become a big business and many websites all compete to get you to host your league on their site. It was originally started by someone just for fun with friends but turned into a behemoth. There is a fantasy version of all major sports now from basketball to golf to Nascar racing. I’m sure there are more ideas out there yet to be realized that can become as popular as fantasy football or ipods, but people just have to act on them. Rumor is that the actual inventor of fantasy football didn’t even profit from the idea. The big businesses took and it ran with it and made all the money. So don’t let your idea be swooped up. Let us help you take your concept to the Internet before the big guys do.

We offer numerous services that can handle all aspects of website creation. Custom web design, custom programming, custom animation, video, digital photography, copywriting, and more are all at your disposal with us on your side. So whatever your creation may be, we can make it come to fruition. We’ve done some new and innovative stuff before and there’s no reason why we wouldn’t be able to make the magic happen with your idea as well.