From the Earth to the Moon

The launch date for the live webcast with a now larger-than-ever audience is fast approaching.  Very fast.  Like tomorrow.  I’m not sure how large the audience will be either since I haven’t heard directly.  At first I heard thirty, but now I’ve heard trickles of a thousand.  That may have been for something else though.  But no worries here because everything major was finished yesterday.  Today we will have a few reviews and extra tests just to make sure everything is right and we will need to move all the files over to their live location.  As the largest scale live video stream we have ever done, it will be exciting to see how it all works out when the action takes place.  I want to peek in at the action while it’s happening but I’d have to register and I’ll be working here at the time.  It’s probably better to not interfere anyway.

With all of this webcasting going on, I can only look to the future of what we might be doing.  Maybe we will create the program to allow daily webcasts by professors at your favorite college (Penn State!!), live webcasts on the big screen in Times Square, or even live webcasts from space!   I may be getting ahead of myself right now, but it all is really possible.  Who knows, in a hundred years, space webcasts may be a common occurrence.  Until then we can help you stream your own live content on the web for others to see.  Medical webcasts, business meeting webcasts, instructional webcasts and more are easily attainable goals for your company.