Full Screen Flash Video

I know most people have been on YouTube.com to watch videos, and if you haven’t you probably aren’t reading this anyway. You know that function it has on the videos to expand the video to full screen? Well I know how to do that now, and to be honest, it wasn’t one of the harder things I have had to do here at DDA.

I don’t know if that means it was easy because I’m comparing it to the other tasks I tackle daily, which always seem to be breaking new ground or are original and in-turn fairly challenging. This is mostly because I do a lot of Actionscript programming with as2 or as3, not just Flash animation.

Of course here at DDA, anything that has been done before or is simple is not our style. We seem to always be pushing the boundaries and adding all the fancy bells and whistles to make your product stand out. So instead of just a character animation, you could have an interactive animated character on your website.

So anyway, making a Flash video go full screen is actually a partly built in function since Flash CS3 was introduced. Everything that happens once it is full screen is a default Flash setting. The background turns black, a message pops up, and the escape key becomes the key that shrinks the window again. Those are all just done for you. The real work comes from making a skin for the controls that includes a button to trigger the expansion, some code for the button to function, and some extra code on the HTML page itself when calling the flash to make full screen allowable. So don’t shy away from this ability if you have a flash video player. You might as well add a couple hours to your time to add something that I think looks much fancier than it really is.