Funeral Home Depot

Well I bought myself a plant yesterday to freshen up my room and clean the air a bit.  I wanted something very durable that would most likely be able to withstand low light and low watering, so after some Internet research and a peak at a few pictures I had decided what to get.  I went to Home Depot and headed straight into the nursery section looking for a snake plant.  After browsing for a little with no luck, I asked an employee if they had any.  He said he’d never heard of a snake plant, but he’s not the one to ask.  He directed me inside to ask another employee.  This employee located the snake plants for me to choose from and I told her how I wanted a very durable plant.  She replied by saying “It will still be around when you die.”  I said, “What?”  She then added, “Yup, it will be waving to you as you go.”  This short conversation turned somewhat morbid all of a sudden and I started imagining staring death in the face and looking at the plant that might be waving at me when I go.  It was not the type of thing I wanted to be thinking about while getting a plant.  Well, it was weird so I tried to shake off the thought that maybe the plant was evil and the morbidity of it all.

The employees were still very friendly and very helpful, but that one thing said, made it not the best experience I could have had.  I’m sure the employee didn’t think much of the comment and probably thought it was a good way to brag about the plant’s durability, but today I feel older.  DDA’s skilled copywriters know their way around words and would not have something that could damage a visitor or viewer’s experience in any way.  Extensive proofing so that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes, and reading by many other writer’s, assures that nothing is out of line or done incorrectly.  They are also experienced in optimized content for the web to make sure all your written content helps organically with search engine optimization and search engine marketing.  So come to DDA for all of your online copywriting and video scriptwriting needs.