Fusing with Flash

YBML has implemented a seldom used method of combining Coldfusion programming with the animation capabilities of Flash. With database programming, we can take the back end of a social networking site and really spice it up with Flash to create something really unique. It is completely doable, but extremely inefficient in a “how long does it take to get this to work” sense.

This is because with a normal database-driven website, you can normally just call a query with the Coldfusion and have it output to the web page for the user to see. Adding Flash into the mix, makes this harder. Any variables resulting from the Coldfusion query must then be passed into Flash one at a time.

In this YBML project, I had to send hundreds of variables through to Flash, which meant setting hundreds of values to variables names, sending those hundreds to Flash by writing them individually, and retrieving those hundreds in Flash. It’s not the quickest thing, but it does work.

If you have a database-driven site, let DDA spice it up with some Flash animation to really give your data some pop when it’s displayed.