Future Browsers

I recently watched a news story on the future of browsers and they mentioned Internet Explorer 9. Now I’ve never looked back since I started using Firefox many years ago, but it’s always interesting to see what new features new browsers will have. It’s not actually released yet and it’s still in a beta phase, but they have highlighted some of the new features. Obviously there will be html5 compliance involved but let’s talk about stuff we don’t know. There is something called site pinning, but I don’t really understand what it is at this point. There is something I do like and that is extra protection from viruses and malware. The browser detects and warns you if you come across an unsafe website. The download manager also has the ability to check .exe files for trouble. Any risky .exe will  stir up a warning, while legitimate .exe’s will not give you any interruption at all. There is also protection against “Mixed Content,” and while I never heard of it before, it’s another security risk I luckily won’t have to learn about the hard way.

The other advances are obviously going to be in performance. There will be quicker loading graphics and pages and faster ability to play and stream video. The possibilities for embedded videos, fancy 3D animations, and innovative games will be better than ever. The news story claimed that developers will start making browser based games since they will soon have the ability to display what consoles can. That sounds hard to believe, but there’s no reason to doubt any technological advancement. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would have what we do now. Our reality now is like the science fiction of years past.

If browsers are advancing then so will DDA. If the limits of the modern browsers are expanded, then we will push them ever harder to test their limits. Whether it’s 3D animation, web video, new advanced programming, games, or anything else, we will find a way to use it too the full extent that the browsers will allow. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.