Garden Go Time

The compost at my house has been filling and filling and this past weekend we used a rototiller to turn up some ground for the garden. Today’s scraps should fill out the compost pile with a third layer of earthy matter, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, and compost friendly Sun Chips bags. So if I can find any extra time this weekend, I’m going to turn the pile and stir things up and hopefully see a lot of decomposed matter. It’s more likely that I’ll do it next weekend though since this one is busy. I’m extra curious to see how the Sun Chips bag has broken down. There are several in there so I should be able to see them at different points in their breakdown cycle. So if things look like they’ve been breaking down well, maybe we will be able to snag some extra rich soil to use in the soon-to-be garden. We’ve allotted a lot of space this year with a plot that is about 15 feet by 40 feet, so we should get some good eats out of it if all goes well. The compost combined with the vegetable garden was one of the things on our list we created earlier to save money and this one happens to also be green. Now that over a month has passed, I can also tell you that our electricity bill dropped $50 dollars from the month before and over $80 dollars from the same month last year thanks to our new efforts.

The pioneering advertising agency, DDA, has enacted some cost-cutting/green practices too. Four-day work weeks cut down the energy bills and gas bills from commuting. They put in insulation to save on energy bills. They recycle. All these things from one advertising company may only make a minuscule difference in the big picture, but you have to lead by example and if all companies try a little harder it can make a big difference.

So feel free to call DDA a green advertising agency and try to promote their example to other businesses. Even if it is only from a financial saving point of view, you can probably convince every company to make some positive changes that will help the environment. There can’t be a change on the global scale without a change on the local scale. As one of the highest consuming countries in the world, we especially have to start changing our habits and ways to stop wreaking havoc on the environment. Our global advertising company and our homes are where we can personally help.