Get Your 3D Glasses

I went to the movies this past weekend and saw Coraline in 3D. This movie has a special mix of old and new technologies. As opposed to the Corpse Bride, which had used computer digital animation to simulate the look of classic claymation, Coraline actually did use classic claymation. This old style has a certain charm to it that can’t be matched with the computer animation technology even though the computer version is technically smoother. Coraline also implemented 3D, a new technology, into it though. Honestly, I am not entirely sure how 3D is filmed, but the current RealD 3D technology is something that has come about recently, as opposed to the original 3D where you used red and blue to get the effect.

Maybe one day DDA will get to do some filming in 3D. 3D on television has just made a big debut during the Superbowl with some commercial advertising spots along with an episode of Chuck the next day. If this technology becomes a standard or commonplace thing on television or the Internet, you can be sure that DDA will have the ability to make it. And of course, it would all be in-house to keep the money in the American economy, as DDA has always done.