Going Digital

At home, it has always been TV from an antenna. It only offers roughly 8 channels of programming, which is a speck of dust compared to the hundreds of channels that are available with cable or satellite TV. The new TV rule, which should be taking effect in 2009, is now forcing everyone to use digital TV or get left with nothing.

So today, the Verizon guy is paying a visit and the fancy shmancy digital cable is being installed. I will join the ranks of people who have always been watching the “cool” channels like ComedyCentral, ESPN, Discovery, HBO, etc. Unfortunately for me, this is way too late to catch up on the cool Nickelodeon shows of my generations’ youth like “Salute your Shorts,” “Guts,”and “Bug Juice.”.I may watch, but there will be no one of my age to share my viewing stories with. Saying, “Hey! Did you see Double Dare last night?!” will get me many confused looks.

DDA has been on the forefront of technology from its beginnings and was a pioneer in using digital technology. It got its start and was one of the first to switch to using digital photography instead of traditional film. From there, the possibilities of what could be done with the images was far more vast. DDA has only expanded its digital services from that point. We now offer the most complete range of digital services you could need along with our own creative writing staff. As many say, DDA is your one stop shop.