Going Live

Apparently, a crew is going to Florida in a week to do something with the live webcast we’ve been working on.  It should be cool to do our a streaming webcast.  I know it’s been fun learning how to make it with Flash programming, since it’s the first one I’m working on.  I’ve had to browse several tutorials and play with a bunch of demos, but all of the research and experimentation has helped me understand how the “live” part of flash works.  With the help of our Red 5 server, we are able to stream live video and I have also been able to add in other useful features.  I made a sort of one-sided chat applet, where all the viewers can type questions that get posted to the presenters board, but no one else can see.  With a little Coldfusion magic, I added the ability for the presenter to send a copy all these questions in a text file to himself.  The other cool feature I added is a PowerPoint slide control so that the presenter can change the PowerPoint slide and this change will be instantly updated for the viewers as well.

I will say that this project is the first time that our company will actually be exploiting the true capabilities of the red 5 server.  Until now, the most we’ve done is streamed already uploaded flv’s and that isn’t anything fancy to do though it enhances the user experience.  I don’t really know what the crew we are sending are going to do exactly.  I guess the client doesn’t have a camera?  Anyway, I hope it works and maybe I’ll be able to tune into it myself.