Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were on last night and the Big winner was The Social Network. Apparently facebook can dominate everything it touches. Of course it was the Golden Globes and not the real movie awards show, the Oscars, so this doesn’t give it the proverbial papal blessing yet. The Oscars will come soon enough though and we will see if the facebook movie still reigns supreme or if one of the other contenders takes the big prize. Surprisingly I actually haven’t even see The Social Network yet. I am probably most shocked the most of all because I declared one of the trailers for the movie to be the best trailer I have ever seen. It’s not the version with the Kanye West song that I saw most on tv, but a version with a choir singing Radiohead’s Creep. That version was just perfect, but I guess not enough to get me to go see it for some reason. It’s also a relevant movie to me as one of the first in the facebook generation. I was one of those that used it in the beginning while it was still a place just for college students. I also currently work on websites doing programming and animation, so there’s another reason why this movie would be a good fit for me. Why didn’t I see it yet? Whatever the reason, it will be out on DVD soon if it’s not already and I’ll be able to see it once Netflix gets it to me.

While I didn’t make facebook or even help do anything with facebook, I have used facebook. At DDA we have even used facebook to make pages for companies to have their own facebook presence. Everyone’s doing it and it can help get your brand out their, so there’s no reason not to. We also make real websites for these companies too using our skills in custom web design, advanced programming, copywriting, video editing, Flash animation, and other things. Having all of these skills available with our in-house talent lets us think up and execute some unique and innovative websites that can make your brand stand out and hold the interest of any visitors. Give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.