Gone Fishing

I went deep sea fishing with my family this past weekend for Father’s Day. Unfortunately there was a giant storm the night before we went and that doesn’t bode well for fishing. The salt water fish get driven away by the new influx of fresh water. The captain had asked what we wanted to catch and we asked for the fish that put up the biggest fight, so he was prepared with some bait that was the size of the fish that we normally catch. We set out and eventually got to our destination where they set chum in the water and we put our lines in.

I got a bite! I reeled it in and it was an odd looking fellow. Like a stingray with hard jagged spikes on its back. We were all enamored by it, but before we could all get a good look at it, the first mate had removed the hook and thrown it back. They said it was just a skate. I didn’t care what it was, I had never seen one and I thought it was cool and was glad to catch something.

After a few more people caught skates, the captain moved us to try to find the big fighters. Then after we caught nothing, we tried trolling (fishing with lures while moving). This just ended up wasting time without catching anything. We eventually stopped again and this time my dad caught a dogfish, which looks like a 2-foot shark without the sharp teeth. I thought that was really cool too, but since it wasn’t one of the big fighters the captain was again disappointed. While we may not have had any big fights during the fishing trip, we did still enjoy it and caught many fish, even though the captain didn’t think they were good fish.

This situation reminds me of DDA in a way. While the captain may represent other companies who will just take on the largest companies to work with, my family represents DDA who gladly takes on all clients, big and small, and will appreciate each one for what they are. So whether you are the leader in your industry (a big fighter) or just starting out with your own company or new product (a skate or dogfish), DDA is ready to help your business achieve its goals with our outstanding group of talent in this digital age.

Our skills vary from programming, to copywriting, to video production and animation, to graphic design and more. We are all ready to put these skills to work to help your business.