Good Example

I finally got to take a peek at the DDA in Sixty Seconds commercial that can be seen on our website and it’s pretty cool. It might be my favorite piece of video work that I’ve seen come out of here. It’s quick, informative, and keeps your attention. What more could you want?

The video itself was a result of collaboration between a graphic designer to lay it out, an animator to animate some 3D parts, and videographer to do the video editing, add in after effects, do the voiceover, and most other stuff. It really is good and worth a watch. Maybe some big companies should take a look at it so we can do some cool television commercials on network TV. It’s a really good example of what we could do. I would love to see something we made on TV knowing that I saw it in its infancy planning stages and stuff. I know we made some 3D animated turkey for one of the major stations, but I wasn’t around yet. It’s been a while so I think we are due for another, especially after seeing that cool DDA web commercial.