Good Things Take Time

I’m still trying to save up to buy a bike, but I probably won’t end up getting it until right smack in the middle of a freezing winter weather at this rate. I pretty much lost all of my savings progress in one foul swoop of a car repair, so it’s back to savings square one. I don’t know why bikes have to be so expensive. With what you get in a bike compared to what you get in a car I would think cars would be even more expensive than they are if they went by bike prices. I do think I found the best value on the Internet for a bike, but it’s still not cheap. All I want to do is ride a bike for goodness sakes, but another big chunk of waiting time has been added back on. I’ll have to continue biding my time by sitting on my chair wearing my bicycle helmet pretending. Not quite the same, but I like my helmet. I’m crossing my fingers that my car will make it through the winter without causing anymore trouble… well through the winter and much, much longer. It will eventually be very satisfying when I am able to buy the bike, whether I will be able to ride it outside right away or not. Maybe an indoor bike trainer would be my next purchase.

All good things take time. Whether it’s saving money for a purchase or making a website, it doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on how involved or interactive your potential website is, it could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple years. Whatever you decide it needs to do, DDA can help. We do custom web design, advanced programming, 3D animation, streaming video, copywriting, and more all in house. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you today.