Goodbye Cable?

I saw that Matt’s last blog made mention of people cutting their cable service to instead get their viewing fix from Netflix and the Internet. My family is actually discussing this option as we to try and cut costs. There are plenty of pros and cons, but the bottom line is that cable television is expensive and we need to cut it back. We are thinking of getting a simple digital box to get the basic channels and supplement those with the streaming Netflix movies. Our television doesn’t have the ability for a computer to plug directly into it, so streaming any Internet content won’t be an option yet. We also have TV’s in many rooms, which could pose other problems.

Slowly but surely, the Internet is making cable obsolete. With more and more shows available online for free and the abilities of technology always expanding, it won’t be too long before computers and televisions are one in the same, or at least there will be big screen Internet-equipped TVs that can use the web to its benefit. The Internet has made many things obsolete since its inception and will continue to in the future. The newspaper industry for example has certainly taken a hit with free news available at people’s fingertips now. They have been furiously trying to come up with a new business model to capitalize on their Internet presence.

The new emergence of 3D TVs is an interesting side player. I don’t know of any 3D video streaming on the Internet as of now, but cable does have a few 3D channels to offer. For now, that might be the edge that cable needs to stave off losing a large portion of their customers. Whether the Internet will begin to provide 3D content or not, people are going to need to buy a 3D TV or monitor either way since the current ones can’t display 3D. The poor consumers are going to have a tough time keeping up with technology.

Here we await the new technological advances and changes to know what direction everything is headed and how we might revise our strategies to accommodate any change. Since we are in a technological field, change and evolution is commonplace. We have to constantly hone our skills to fully explore the ever growing list of software and hardware out there and produce the most advanced applications. Whether it’s website design, 3D animation, web video, advanced programming, digital photography, or SEM techniques, we aim to keep our skills up to date and our projects advanced.