Graduation Visit

My brother is graduating from college this weekend so we are taking a trip and staying overnight. I went to the same college a few years ago so it will be nice to see the old stomping grounds again. Of course with seemingly all colleges I’ve ever visited there is always something that is under construction. So along with the familiar sites, I’ll also get to see finished projects that were underway when I left and of course some new construction projects underway. I expect the staple buildings to be the same and the school colors and songs to be the same, but as with all competitive colleges/companies upgrades are essential to survival. Students use technology more and more so the colleges have to keep up or the students will go elsewhere. Things like free wifi access and campus wide hot spots, more and more computer labs, faster internet, and just getting better dorms in general are all things that need to be done to continue to be a school of choice. New majors to reflect the ever-changing job market are key as well to stay up-to-date and draw the cutting edge talent.

In our society, sports are also such a large economic draw that many schools put tons of time and money into having the best sports teams. Along with revenue from the events themselves, these sports teams can draw more fans to become students there as well. I’ve always felt that the entire sports industry is absurdly overpriced and ridiculous, but I can’t argue with the economic facts of it. People keep packing stadiums to watch and hand over their money. Better teams equal more money and bonuses and they put the extra money made toward buying better players to win more again and it has become an ever expanding cycle of opulence. It’s all really just for bragging rights in your city. High school and more recreational sports are the only true hometown representations anymore. Most division 1 college and professional team sports are all just put together with money and the players could be from anywhere. Sports are businesses, but they are fun to watch.

DDA has to keep on the cutting edge of technology as well. Being in such a technologically heavy industry like computers makes it especially important to keep upgrading or risk falling behind. We know this, so we are already HD and blu-ray equipped. We’re venturing into the mobile app world now and taking advantage of the latest Adobe CS software suites. We keep getting updated computers as need be and we continually experiment with the latest innovations and ways of doing things so that we keep are skills sharp and our final products innovative. So with everything digital, whether advanced programming, 3D animation, video editing, or anything else, you can be sure that we’ll make it the best it can be for it’s time.