Group Communication

We went to the movies this past weekend to see Kick Ass and followed that up the next day with a random screening of 12 hours of movies. Kick Ass was surprising and good, but most of the other movies we watched were pretty bad. When trying to pick a last movie, no one could agree on a movie to watch and it led to everyone just deciding to go home. It’s hard for everyone in a large group to come to a consensus when there are too many choices to pick from. In this case, we had way too many choices. I’d put a rough estimate at 100 movies. Input from a large number of people is good, but it’s good to have a sole main decision maker to rule over all.

DDA works with large clients sometimes on everything from website design, to corporate video, to 3D animation. Some of these clients have several people, who aren’t collaborating together, all giving input. Sometimes it’s even opposing input and it’s hard to know which way to move forward.  That’s why when we can get everyone together, we have conference calls. These aren’t just calls over the phone either. We utilize the latest software available to enable live video of us or live screen capture video that helps us easily demonstrate or point out the main topics at hand. Since we work almost entirely on computers, we can show just about everything we do on the screen. Keeping communication problems at a minimum is much easier with live video. So no matter where you are in the world, communication will not be a problem.