Guessing Games

Sometimes with cars I guess there is a lot of guessing going on. I brought my car in to the shop last Friday for what I thought was just your average belt squeal noise. A pulley or two replacement and a new belt and I thought I’d be done. They tell me that it’s two pulleys and the belt tensioner that need to be replaced. They will order the parts and it will be done on Saturday. Saturday they call me and tell me that it wasn’t the cause of the noise and it is instead the timing belt, which is much more involved and means taking apart the engine some. I called my dad and he said if the timing belt breaks the engine will be destroyed so I have to get it done. I call them back to say to go ahead and fix it and they tell me that it will be ready Monday. Monday I receive no word, but Tuesday I get a call saying that it was not the timing belt, it is now the crankshaft pulley and they’d work with me on the price. They had ordered the part already, but it was the wrong part and they ordered another and it will be here on Wednesday and done on Wednesday. Seriously? I called my dad again and he said it sounds like they are guessing now and that they are now going really deep into the engine. All I hear is $ $ $. The worst part is unlike the timing belt, my dad says if this is the squealing cause it wouldn’t be that big of a deal!  Ahhhh! I don’t know what they will charge me yet, but I know I will argue it. I’m shaking at what the cost might be for what might just be a fairly innocent squealing noise. Oh and my dad also doubts that with this repair that they will even be able to actually have it fixed on Wednesday. We’ll see. I’m tempted to just let them keep the car.

You’ll find your dealings with DDA much less stressful than my car fix dealings have been. Our web professionals don’t have to guess on what’s making noises. Since any custom programming is made by us, any fixes needed or bugs to fix are much easier for us to find as we will know the workings inside and out. Same goes with all of our other services like 3D animation, video editing, graphic design, copywriting, and more. We made them here so we can alter, add, remove, tweak, revise, and customize as needed to your liking. Until it is to your liking we will keep tweaking so everyone is happy. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. . . without the headaches.