My Gmail account was hacked somehow recently. I found out one morning when I tried to log in and it told me that there had been suspicious activity and I had to go through some steps to reopen the account. I logged in and saw a bunch of returned messages that had failed to be sent. Just looked like a link to a virus or something was emailed to a bunch of random email addresses that I have been contacted by in the past. Many of these were one-time things or automated email addresses. For example, it tried sending to an alerts email address from a credit card company and those obviously don’t accept incoming mail. Many failed to send but, some still went through. I just hope that in this day and age an email with only a random looking link in it will get everyone’s suspicions up enough to not try to click it.

Now that I’ve been hacked, I am wondering how it was done. I’m trying to go through my recent activities to figure out where I may have entered my information that made it fall into the wrong hands. What site’s did I go to that may have had malicious intent? That may not be the problem at all though. Maybe I have a virus or spyware that’s infected my computer. Maybe they are recording everything I type. However it happened, I am now freshly paranoid about my information’s safety and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. It seems like the first step to having my identity stolen and that would certainly be a whole other nightmare situation.

The only good thing about this situation was that Gmail was able to determine that something suspicious was in fact going on and took immediate steps to disable my account until I could verify my identity and set up a new password. Technology is a blessing and a curse. It makes life easier and faster in many way, but also opens up a whole new world of possible cyberpunk. It seems like a constant ongoing battle between good and evil forces in the digital world. Some are trying to steal your information and destroy your computer, while others do all they can to protect it.

At DDA, we know that information security is important. So when we are custom programming websites we make sure to implement all the known protections from general hacking practices. This advanced programming can keep your information and your customer’s information on the forefront of protection. Storing sensitive information as encrypted data adds a whole other level of security to the database programming. If you are selling anything you will probably also want a secure certificate, which we can purchase for you as well. We know how to be HIPAA compliant as well for those in the medical field. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.