Happy New Year

It is the first day back at work officially in the new year of 2012. On the whole it feels just like any other day has felt at work, but with that extra bonus of having a shortened week and the fresh sense of people’s renewed hopes and fresh possibilities. I think people have a lot of hopes for themselves this year, but not as much for the country currently. It’s going through a rough patch that may take many years to get out of. DDA on the other hand is doing well. We seem to have a good amount of projects filling people’s time even though we are in the slow part of the year. It is probably due in part to the number of large-scale projects with big companies that we have. Many of these projects are so involved that they span over the course of a year or two to complete, but will certainly be impressive works when finished that we will surely be showing off to future prospective clients. Many of them employ large amounts of the services that we provide like 3D animation, advanced programming, graphic design, Flash animation, video editing, copywriting, and much more. These large projects really do allow us to flex our creative muscles and showcase our abilities.