Hard to Predict

This weekend was my sister’s wedding and it all went well overall. The only little drawback was a slight drizzling in chilly temperatures during the ceremony. Luckily the wedding was on Friday, because if it had been on Saturday like some other couple’s was, we would have had a horribly powerful downpour in store, which ended up creating impromptu rivers between buildings. I was told that they needed to lay tables across some gaps to cross the foot deep streams of rushing water. So I’d say we lucked out at least in the weather department. The rest of the wedding party took place inside buildings and went great. There was an awesome mashed potato bar during the cocktail hour and lots of seafood, though I’m not a seafood person. All the food all night was actually delicious. I should of course give personal attention to the ice cream sundae bar following the entrees (I had the filet), though it did ruin my wedding cake appetite. There was bad dancing a plenty, funny speeches, and happy people. It was a great time.

Just as the predicting the weather for a wedding a year off is near impossible, accounting for all strange occurrences and possible changes in the creation of a website is near impossible. Change orders seem to be a frequent occurrences as clients decide that they want to add features as the completion grows nearer. They may want the programmers to use captcha on their forms to prevent spam. They may need some extra admin programming to give them the tools in their administrator section that they didn’t realize they needed until after seeing the original near completion. They may want to add a web video to their homepage as a greeting instead of the standard written text. They may even have just decided that they now want to be enrolled in the Sure Thing Optimization plan to try to get their site to be ranked highly in search engine results. There are so many details involved in making a website, that there is an endless list of possible changes and additions that can be done. That’s why, like future weather, changes and additions to websites during their creation are hard to predict.