Hello Sunlight

Daylight Savings Time is in full swing and springing ahead has left energy levels lagging behind. The benefit of this practice though is that we are back to full sunlight when we get home. It makes it feel like the day isn’t completely gone and there is still time to get in your outdoor activities like an evening run or some fun playtime with your dog. A little sunshine on the skin can work wonders and can bring one’s mind back to the good old days of being a kid and playing outside during the day all summer.

Running outdoors again is my main excitement, so to have something to use as motivation, I decided to start searching for races. Other than the usual races I’ve done before, I found a new and exciting race that adds a little spice to regular racing. It’s part obstacle course, part mud pit, and part normal running. They call it the “Down and Dirty Mud Run” and one of it’s stops is in Philadelphia. It looks incredibly fun to me since it won’t be the standard race on flat roads that everyone is used to. It seems more like a nature adventure than just a race. I’d like to find more races like this if I could. My opinions might change if I get a mouthful of mud during it, but right now this looks like a great goal race and there is a good amount of time left before it starts for me to train for it.

DDA has sprung ahead and the workers are going strong despite the time change. Graphic designers, copywriters, animators, programmers, and videographers are all up to the challenge working on their respective projects. Fielding phone calls, clicking their mice, and typing away, they are all getting things done to meet tight deadlines and expectations. We can do your projects too, just check out our website and give us a call.