Hooked on a Feeling

I spend a good chunk of my time programming here at DDA. Whether it be Actionscript, PHP, or ColdFusion, I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment that programming can provide.

My second programming teacher in high school once said, “Nothing ever works perfectly the first time,” in reference to the first time you test out your code. Sure, you could program a real simple application to prove me wrong, but in our current time nothing is going to be simple. Even if your program works and doesn’t have any errors, it isn’t perfect the first time. There will be ways to improve it, from making it run faster, or just an additional add-on that really should have been included.

I have found that teacher’s quote to be true and I also embrace that fact. More complex code can certainly have more room for error and more fixing needed, but the feeling you can get when everything finally comes together and works just as you had imagined is a great one.

I won’t say that programming is never a frustrating hair-pulling experience, but I do think that the more frustrated you may have become during your work, the greater the feeling of accomplishment will be when you finally get it to work.