Horror Hype

I watched the original Spanish version of Quarantine last night which is called REC. I actually refused to watch Quarantine because I heard and read how much better the original was in comparison. I believe this principle to be true for remakes in most instances that I can think of. Some notable American horror remakes that were utterly horrible in comparison to their original counterparts are One Missed Call, Pulse, Dark Water, and The Eye. Each time I hear about a new remake I have to shake my head in disgust. So to continue on about REC, my brothers had watched Quarantine beforehand and heard how scary this version was so they forced me to watch it immediately instead of waiting until the weekend like usual. They kept saying how people said it gave them nightmares and such.

So after a disappointing hour and twenty minutes that was filled with little fright and an actual out-loud laugh at something that was supposed to be scary, we turned the lights on. The movie was a giant letdown and no one would be having any nightmares. Maybe I am just too jaded to find certain things scary anymore. Maybe it was the hype surrounding it that made it seem a little extra bad. And go figure that after it ended, my brothers said that Quarantine was basically a shot-for-shot remake of it. I waited all this time for REC to come out on DVD and the one I could have watched was a shot-for-shot remake but in my native language.

The movie itself was done from a videographer’s perspective, so we were constantly looking through a lens. It had the Cloverfield or Blair Witch feel to it. I will admit that I was nauseous after seeing Cloverfield in theaters, but this one didn’t have that effect. An impressive thing is that they didn’t have many cuts at all in the scenes, so the actors had to act for extended periods of time. That left them with little video editing and there also wasn’t much 3D animation or special effects used, so the budget must have been low. In the end these movies are made to get profit for the studio or people funding it, so a really low budget is a good way to start. I’m sure they at least made their money back.