Hot Tub Scrub Machine

I cleaned the hot tub this weekend with a little help from my friend CLR. This chemical solution that dissolves calcium, lime, and rust deposits was the only sensible way to clean off the hardened layer of minerals left by hard water and constant evaporation. Getting it off with CLR was no walk in the park, but getting it off by simply scrubbing would have been a complete nightmare and would have caused more destruction than good. Instead of a dampened rag and scrubbing, I would have needed some sandpaper and a lot more elbow grease. While this was my dad’s first idea, I had to tell him that it would ruin the tub interior and thanks to seeing a previous commercial on TV, I knew of the magical CLR product. It dissolves deposits in a matter of minutes without any extra trouble. Without this product, everything would have been a nightmare. Instead of a few hours, it would have taken a few days to complete the whole process. It’s all about having the right tools.

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