Hurry Spring

The latest big snow is over though there are still plenty of residual effects for most people. Apparently though, the record-setting snow season isn’t quite done yet. So from Monday night through much of Tuesday you can get ready for another 2-4 inches depending on your location. Don’t think you’re done then either because more potential snow is popping up in the forecasts for early next week, though I don’t know how much yet.

At this point, especially after getting a big blizzard, I think that just about everyone is ready to move on to feeling the warming glow of the sun on a beautiful Spring day. Plus as days get longer and longer, there’s more of a chance for DDAers to drive home in the sunlight. While it may be short for some, there is a great feeling to driving home in the daylight and feeling like the day hasn’t already gone to waste. I personally am longing to get back to running outdoors. Treadmills just aren’t the same. Beyond the database programming, graphic design, copywriting, videography, and everything else, I’m sure that everyone else here has something they’d love to do outside again. If the snow doesn’t stop soon, I think we all might start going stir crazy