Hype is the Worst

Though I did not get to see Paranormal Activity this weekend, my mom and other brother did get to see it. Unfortunately, their reaction was much different than most that I’ve been hearing. My mom just started off by saying that it was a good marketing scheme. So without hearing any more than that, I knew that my mom thought it was over-hyped. Sigh. Well continuing the conversation with her and then my brother, I found out that they not only thought it was over-hyped, they didn’t really find it scary at all. Sigh again. My mom’s main quip was that it seemed too fake so she didn’t believe any of it and considering the $11,000 budget spent, it’s easy to believe that they didn’t have much refinement or special effects used in their video editing.  The Internet Movie Database has it rated at a 8.0 still, so that isn’t too bad, but with more and more ratings coming in soon it does have a chance to go down more. The message boards still aren’t trashing it much either. Maybe some of my family members are just too tough to scare. Oh well, I still want to see it for myself so I can form my own opinion. In the future, I may try to just ignore all advertising, marketing, and hype, then randomly just go to the theater and watch a few movies based on the titles alone with no expectations or knowledge of plots and just hope that I find something to be a pleasant surprise. Sigh. Hype is the worst because it always sets the bar too high.