I Need Confirmation

I’ve come to find myself reliant on technology in an interesting way. A bit ago when I wanted to register for the Bucks 5k Series (a series of 7 running races), I first went to their website and followed the link to registration there. I filled out the forms and details and went to check out and pay only to see that there was also an $11 fee for signing up online. I canceled out of the registration and went back to the home page where I saw a notice about some sign up days at a local running store. This day happened to be the last day of that, so I figured I’d go there and register to save myself a wad of money. I went to the store and told them my intentions. They gave me a photocopied registration form, which I filled out and handed back to them. I then paid for the races on my credit card without any surcharge and was given a receipt. That was it. It felt weird. I just paid a bunch of money and all I got was a receipt. The receipt didn’t even list what I had paid for on it. It just felt like I had gotten nothing in return and barely had any proof of what I had paid for.

I went home and for the next few days I checked the online registration list. My name never showed up on it. It was highly possible that it was only for online registrants, but it only fed my paranoia that I would be forgotten. I decided to email the coordinator of the race series to ask if I would get an email or show up on that list so that I would know that I am officially in the series. Thankfully he emailed me back saying that he had my form and that I was registered. It’s funny how I seemingly have lost all faith in paper forms. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone would have had to register using a paper form. The technology would have brought me so much more assurance by just listing my name online and emailing me a receipt of registration. It’s the whole information overload of today I believe. It makes me feel like if I don’t get bombarded with information confirming that I was registered, then it must not have happened. That email saying that they got my form was enough to completely calm me. I just needed a digital record to calm my fears.

I know that returns on some products can be a nightmare without a receipt or order number. For that reason we can all thank technology for making it easy to keep email records and look up order histories on company websites and such. They really can confirm everything you do out there and keep the worriers like me calm and confident.

DDA frequently does website programming for instances just like this. Our database programming experience with administration areas and eCommerce websites has honed our skills in such things. Storefronts and product selling with receipts and all the information in the world is stored in case it becomes needed for any reason. Our advanced programming lets store owners customize their site to show what they want and allows customers to purchase what they want. Both parties will get all the information and confirmation they need at the end of the process to both be satisfied with the transaction and ready to move on with the rest of their day. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.