If you build it, they will come… buy it

The Daily Show last night had a spot on the leaked new iPhone story. Jon Stewart expressed his long time love for Apple and all its products, but said that they went too far with their pursuit of the blogger who leaked the information. What I didn’t know before is that the blogger had already returned the iPhone to Apple before he was raided by police and later visited by some Apple people to search his residence. This led Jon Stewart to say that Apple was being a bunch of “appholes.” He also cites how the company itself has changed from the underdog working against the “the man” (Microsoft), as was pictured in this famous commercial in the 80s, to being “the man” themselves with their recent displays.

All in all, Apple is doing incredibly well and their overreaction to this simple blogger dissecting a phone that one of their employees left at a bar is a bit over the top. They first denied that it was their real product so he dissected it and showed the findings, but he gave it back once they changed their minds and admitted that it was the real thing. Let’s face the facts, people are still going to run to the Apple stores to buy these things because they are going to be better than the last iPhone and be packed with a bunch of new innovative features. Jon Stewart still wants to get one. They should stop giving themselves a black eye and just leave the blogger alone and let their product do what it will do best; sell millions of units. You can watch the full Daily Show piece here if you’d like. It’s much funnier when he reads it.

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