I’m Back

I’m back from vacation and I’m relaxed and refreshed. I got in some good outdoor bike rides before the weather made its cold turn. My butt is getting used to the hard seat pretty well as I ride more and more, but it’s not like it will ever be truly “comfortable”. I made sure to get a little under-seat bag to hold all my tire repair gear and cellphone in case of any tire disasters or needs for a pickup. That allows me to feel comfortable riding farther and farther away from my home base or starting point where my car is parked. I also saw the rally, which was fun. I thought it got off to a really long slow start, but certainly picked up some momentum by midway and ended on an inspirational high note. It was a nice respite full of sleeping in and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, sleeping in led to staying up late and my normal bedtime quickly changed to 1am. That means that it was a difficult feat to go to bed early last night and I ended up not getting much sleep with the need to get up early for work again. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight though and my internal clock will be back on schedule by week’s end.

Now it’s time to ride on the stress train again as I’m back into the world of project deadlines and digital everything. Full steam ahead on projects full of custom programming, flash animation, and 3D animation. We seem as busy as we were when I started the vacation so it will be a week chock full of work. I’ll probably be ready for another vacation in no time, but that will have to wait until next year. For now it’s onward to the holiday season. Make sure your website is ready. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.