In My Head

Since I have been working on the new YBML project, I haven’t been able to go to bed without thinking about it. The same exact thing happened to me a couple years ago when I made another large site that was code heavy, except that time I used PHP and this time I am using Coldfusion.

The various stuff that pollutes my mind when I am trying to get a good night’s rest ranges from thinking of what I have left to do on the site, to thinking of anything that I may have missed that could cause errors, to thinking if any new section of programming that was added would mess up something that was already working. I basically become a big ball of nerves. The worst situation for me would be having to leave work while in the middle of a portion of code that still isn’t working correctly. I haven’t run into this yet at work here, but I have on the last project. All I can do at night is keep running the code through my mind to try to think of the possible solutions and other things I may try the next day to fix it. I have actually come up with a solution one night that worked the next day, but it didn’t help me sleep that night because I wasn’t able to try it immediately to know if it would work.

So far, coding with Coldfusion here has been limited to forms and I have become very proficient with them. I can finish multiple in one day and the code doesn’t vary too much so I don’t have too many obstacles to face. This is great for me because I know that coding these forms won’t leave my stirring in my bed thinking of how to fix it. I think I have a problem resting when my mind knows that something I’m making isn’t finished.

Well, at least it is motivation to finish the site faster.