Incredible Logistics

Christmas day is rapidly approaching and time is running out for purchasing your items online. Some stores are no longer making delivery guarantees, but many are still boasting that orders received by a certain day can still make it by Christmas. It’s quite a good idea from a business standpoint as you can wrangle in all the procrastinating shoppers who don’t have time to run out and shop. Logistically I am amazed at how shipping companies and the retail companies themselves can get all of these products out the door and to their destinations at such a fast pace. From order picking, to packaging, to pickup, to the flight, to sorting, to driving, to your doorstep all in a matter of a day is an amazing feat.

When I think of how it takes me 3 hours just to drive to the middle of Pennsylvania from eastern Pennsylvania with no additional steps, and stores can get something from California to Pennsylvania in a day, I wonder how it can work so well. It has to be an incredibly efficient process running 24 hours a day to pull it off obviously. When you throw in the sheer volume of packages being moved all across the country (especially during Christmas), it is a mind boggling feat of preciseness. I’m sure there are mistakes and problems that happen along the way, but from my experience the problems that happen must be a minute percentage because I have never really had a problem with a package being shipped.

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