Internet Advertising

The beginning of internet advertising consisted of the standard banner ad. The ad had to get attention with it’s graphic design alone. Color, text, and content are what were supposed to grab the eye. Animation soon followed and grew from flashing images and animated gifs to full-fledged animated scenes. This opened up new realms of possibility for grabbing users’ attention and really let creativity flow more. The next evolution in internet advertising was interactive ads. Combining graphic design, animation, and now programming, these interactive ads lured the users in with activities such as games or polls. I remember frequently seeing games where it’s you versus the computer and I’ll admit that I was sucked in many times myself. While many were just games where you had to rapidly click, others required good timing. My favorite advertisement game that I remember was a baseball game for Orbitz. You were the batter and trying to hit home-runs off the crazy pitches. I played it several times.

Times have shifted again though and, partly due to the advancement of technology, video ads are now the way to go. Internet speeds are much faster these days and few people still remain on dial-up connections. Cable internet and Fiber optic internet have let streaming video flow easily to people’s home computers. Computers themselves get more and more powerful every year too. Graphics and processors are continuously getting more and more powerful and the previous models’ prices get cheaper and cheaper making everyone be able to afford a computer that is capable of displaying streaming video.

Video advertising is one of DDA’s many areas of expertise. Our full in-house video studio and full staff of copywriters make forming original scripts and high quality videos a breeze. Clients can even choose their actors from our personal actor’s gallery. We can even make hybrid video where live actors interact with virtual environments, which can help make anything you can dream up a definite possibility.