Internet Everywhere

Yesterday we received an Internet adapter in the mail for our Blu-ray player we got for Christmas. We got this because in conjunction with our Netflix subscription it enables us to stream movies directly to our television set at no extra cost. It is limited to the movies that are available to stream directly, which rules out most new releases, but there is still a fine selection to choose from. It’s certainly more expansive than what Comcast OnDemand offered as far as free movies go.

I was hoping it would be a bit easier for my dad to use, but now that we tried it there is a small hurdle that he will have to overcome if he wants to use it alone. The problem is that unlike watching the streaming Netflix movies online where you can just search and play, the television version doesn’t let you search directly on the television. You first have to find the movie you want to see on the Netflix website on your computer and add it to your streaming queue, then when you load Netflix on your television it will show all of the movies in your queue to choose from. You see, my Dad and the Internet do not go together. He’s finally somewhat grasped email, but I think signing into and navigating through Netflix and its features might take a bit of time to get used to. So hopefully we will just be able to help him through the first few months until he gets the hang of it himself.

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If you’re not stepping forward, then you are falling behind, and eventually you’ll be left behind.