Internet Steals and Deals

The Internet is a great way to find deals if you are an alert consumer. My girlfriend recently bought 50 picture prints for 50 cents after waiting for a deal to appear on Snapfish. That’s a drastic price cut from the regular price. It’s roughly 89% off! Try finding numbers like that at a physical store. Deals like this can be found everywhere on the Internet with a little extra clicking or searching.

Several years ago now, websites started to appear that offered comparison shopping where all the legwork was done for you. These sites had a simple web design but some very involved custom programming to scour all Internet retailers and return to you a list of the best deals around. Along with the prices came store reviews so you can get a clear picture as to if this low price was worth the risk of dealing with a store you may not be familiar with. This new visibility of all online stores has kept the major brands in check. While they could previously thrive just by brand recognition to lure people to their stores with many locations, they now have to compete with the prices of all stores that may just be a click away. Don’t get me wrong though, brand recognition is still very important.

Another deal finding technique is to get on the mailing lists of your favorite stores. Sometimes you will find a gem of a coupon or special that you can really take advantage of and get what you want for less.  People are very sick of having an inbox full of spam and extra junk, so be very careful with who you sign up with and don’t forget to read the tiny print next to the checkbox you are marking.

A spam proof way of also finding deals is to search for discount coupons and keywords.  All retailers have checkouts systems of some sort online and many have fields where you can enter a discount code.  Well have you ever tried doing a quick Google or Bing search to find what the current discount codes are?  Do it!  There are numerous sites with up-to-date listings of stores’ discount codes and what the code will get you.

A final tip I’ll throw out there is a simple one.  You know those banner ads that companies use for Internet advertising that you’ve become skilled at ignoring.  Well take a glance at them sometimes.  Besides being more and more accurately targeted to the site viewer and therefore being more relevant to you, these also sometimes will have a deal available for their products that may only be found through this ad. Websites are able to track where you came from and they’ll know you used the ad to get to their site, so they know that you can get the deal.

Oh and if you guys haven’t tried the new search engine called Bing yet, the shopping section on that is loaded with percentage cash rewards and discounts just by shopping in certain big name stores through that search engine.