It Doesn’t Look Like Morning

My new room in my new house has two very small windows because it is a basement room. This fact coupled with the daylight savings time change and my need to get up earlier for a longer drive leaves me in the dark in the morning. I mean really, really dark. The natural thing to do in the dark is sleep and seeing light helps me wake up. This daylight savings time thing wasn’t thought through very well. It just seems harder to get up in the dark. I can only rely on my alarm. The only benefit here is it’s daylight again when I get home and my running can take back to the streets.

At DDA, everything goes along as usual no matter what the sun is doing outside. The inside of the building will still look the same and can kind of trick my mind into thinking nothing happened… until I yawn at least. I can still do the usual flash programming, flash animation, custom programming, and website development like any other day. My body should be able to re-sync itself to this new time schedule so that it feels natural again.  Maybe then I can again wake up without as much fuss and effort to start a day’s work.