It’s Tradition

The cold weather is making a harsh return it seems after recently dabbling into the high 50s. With Groundhog Day coming up tomorrow, it’s not looking good for an early Spring. So 6 more weeks of winter may be here again because it has always seemed to turn out that way in recent years. I can’t guarantee my prediction though since the official word will come tomorrow from Punxsutawney Phil as he is grumpily pulled out of his cozy abode and lifted into the air in terror as the giant crowd roars and snaps photos of him anticipating his every move. Oh traditions, how odd can they get?

DDA has some traditions too I suppose. We have birthday celebrations most months with cake and sad attempts at singing “Happy Birthday.” There are the cherished weekly celebrations of Bagel Monday and Beer Thursday, where Monday morning there are bagels for anyone who wants and Thursday evening there is one beer for anyone who wants. The rest of the time is busy with work for our clients. Graphic designers are carefully designing print ads, logos, websites, brochures, and everything else. Programmers are churning code about in their minds creating custom programming for speedy database queries, administrative sections, forms of all types, and log-in screens. Our videographers are either filming on-location or in our in-house video studio, or they might be editing some other works to perfection. Our writing staff is typing away writing optimized content for the web, scripts for videos, and ad content if they aren’t busy proofing everyone else’s work. Our animators are clicking their mouses to perfect the motion in Flash or 3D animation with Lightwave. Our SEO expert is also busy updating the latest content and adding the necessary keywords to keep our clients’ websites high in the search engine result rankings.

So while we may not get all the fanfare and photo opportunities that the luckiest groundhog in the world may get, we do have our own traditions to enjoy. We may enjoy the beer, bagels, and birthdays, but maybe our constant creation of high quality work is our best tradition.