January Doldrums

The holidays are past and we have moved into the worst time of the year. January is a barren, biting cold month with no holidays to look forward to. It also follows the Christmas season holiday bonanza, which makes it feel extra dull in comparison. Celebrating the new year is over, so now it’s just another year to remember to write on your checks. All our new year’s resolutions are constantly being put to the test and we will see how many hold strong. Anyone who can carry theirs out for the whole year is generally in the minority. The common workout and weight loss goals are so common that they also have a high failure rate. Most things can be done for two weeks easily, but after that is a common quitting time for new goals. I say if you can do it for a month, you can probably do it for the whole year if you want to. If you hit a wall after two weeks, your goal is toast. So good luck to all and to myself as well. We’ll all need it in the coming year. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good one.

The coming year for DDA will be filled with the same goal of producing quality digital media projects of all types. We do everything digital like 3D animation, video editing, digital photography,  advanced programming, custom web design, and much more. Pretty much if it is digital, then we can probably do it for you. Just ask us for a free quote. Check out our portfolio first if you want. There is plenty to look at to give you a sense of what we are capable of. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.